People always ask me about the Legal system in Egypt is it Islamic Law, Latin system or Other?

My usual answer is that it is careful mixture, in the next few lines i will explain the types of Egyptian courts, the applicable laws issuance and categories of law in Egypt.

1St . Types and Categories of Egyptian courts

There are three head courts in Egypt ;
  1- Court of Cassation,the heading court of litigation in Egypt,
Litigation in front of Cassation court only to determine the judgments issued by Appeal Courts is legally correct or not in all cases, so it is judging the judgment itself without any decision regarding merits, except for Criminal issues the judgment look at merits and issue judgment in this regard.

2-  Appeal courts ( only 9 Appeal courts are in Egypt)  distributed all over the Egyptian territory, Every single appeal court review judgments issued by number of First Instance courts, Appeal courts accept only these courts consist of District Courts which look at small cases and Irregularities  .

2nd : Supreme Administrative Court

3rd : Supreme Constitutional Court