Manakhly & Associates represents mostly transnational companies from Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. The firm practices: ADR; arbitration; aviation accidents; banking law; competition law; computer crime; e-commerce; franchising; intellectual property; import and export; international investments; international trade; and Islamic law.

We believes that the qualities that distinguish the firm from its competition are its trust worthiness, its ability to guard secrets of business, and the fact that its clients are partners of its successes. He commented:

In Manakhly & Associates We have a vision in our legal profession: to serve our clients as if they are the sole client in our firm. This means the client should have a direct connection to his lawyer in Manakhly & Associates, should have the best service and legal advice, should have the shortest time if possible and lesser expenses.

“We consider our clients as our partners, and we believe in that trust of client is our proud and real value.”

As to our concept, that our clients are our partners we represent

TELEFONKEN (TSB) radio & radar systems

JHK (Maritime engineering, construction and maintenance )

Net lounge International (internet and computer systems)

BIKE-BOARD Egypt (Member of BIKE BOARD International)

AFRO TURK Corporation ( Turkish investment group)

First Projects (General engineering and steel construction)

There are several benefits to launching a business in Egypt, where a new era is rising and new horizons are getting shown , moreover it  allows human resources to hire foreigners, low rates of taxation, low rates of land property ownership (for corporate), 100% of ownership for none citizens, stock markets provide good opportunity to grow in Middle East .”

After revolution of people of Egypt, another revolution of laws and regulations is going on, where many things is getting changed and so old mentality.

Ossama El-Manakhly