Recommend Manakhly and Associates

“In my experience, Mr. El-Manakhly is a highly qualified, professional and trustworthy lawyer. I found that his work on my behalf was always accurate, rational and to the point.
He maintained an objective standpoint and appropriate professional distance, which was very much appreciated. Mr. El-Manakhly handles his casework with the utmost gravity and integrity.
He has a powerful intellect, and I was particularly impressed by his insight and understanding of complex issues of law.
As my legal representative, he conducted himself with kindness and politeness.
These qualities distinguish him as a very able lawyer, able to conciliate and connect different parties with an outcome acceptable for all persons involved.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking legal representation.

E. Heimsoth

TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG (formerly named TELEFUNKEN) is a German company based in Berlin which designs, sales and installs radio broadcast transmitters (FM, MW, AM, DRM) worldwide.

A few years ago, we completed an important project for the Government of Egypt / Ministry of Defence. However, some legal and financial issues remained outstanding and we decided to look for a lawyer to advise and represent us towards our customer.

Upon recommendation of some international companies, which have had very good experiences with him, we hired Mr. Ossama El-Manakhly, legal advisor in Cairo.

We are most satisfied of Mr. Ossama El-Manakhly’s professional skills, which allowed us to record progresses and successes within short time. We are confident that Mr. El-Manakhly will manage to settle definitely our claims to our benefit very soon.

Hence, we highly recommend Mr. El-Manakhly’s services as legal advisor for foreign citizens or foreign companies.

Yours faithfully

TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG